Haddenham Pantomime
Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Haddenham Pantomime 2024 is Treasure Island, adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic adventure novel by Suzy Barker.

The story revolves around young Jim Hawkins, an innkeeper’s son, who embarks on a daring quest after discovering a treasure map in an old sea chest. Joined by his friends, Bluebell and the hilarious Dame Flossy Flutterbottom, they set sail on the Hispaniola, a ship captained by the courageous yet suspicious Long John Silver, aided by his ship’s mate Skully Scallywag. 

Danger lurks around every corner, as Long John Silver and his treacherous crew plot to seize the treasure for themselves. Jim, with the help of his loyal friends and newfound allies, must outsmart the pirates, navigate through treacherous waters, and overcome numerous obstacles to claim the legendary treasure. 

Treasure Island is a captivating and family-friendly show that combines romance, adventure, comedy, and audience interaction. It celebrates the spirit of camaraderie, bravery, and the triumph of good over evil. Expect the production to feature colourful sets, lively choreography, and catchy musical numbers that add to the excitement.

Treasure Island will be performed at the Arkenstall Village Centre, Haddenham from Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th January 2024.

Tickets go on sale on 1st December

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