Haddenham Pantomime


About Haddenham Pantomime

The Haddenham Pantomime started off as a way to raise money for improvements to the Arkenstall Village Centre. The first pantomime was Sleeping Beauty in December 1973.
Since then, not only has the community produced a variety of different shows, they have also written every single pantomime script as well.
We believe this is what makes us unique – we have a very talented group of writers resident in the village and everyone is encouraged to have a go. It is a learning experience, but the advantage of writing your own script is being able to tailor it to the actors involved – something which is nigh on impossible with a bought-in script.
Because we are a community event, everyone in the community can get involved in some way, whether that be helping with costumes and props, by performing, or just helping out at Front of House.
We never turn anyone away – there is a part to play for everyone.
Want to direct? Email us!