Haddenham Pantomime
The Greatest Panto

The Greatest Panto

The 2025 Haddenham Pantomime is the story of circus impresario PT Barnum, his group of performers, and his need to take in all types of waifs and strays and give them a home.

Barnum is finding it increasingly difficult to keep the show on the road, so he is looking for a big act which will give them top billing throughout the world.

Barnum’s protégé Theo finds this in the form of Arabella, a wonderfully talented artist. Unfortunately for the young performers, Arabella is the daughter of George, a rich tycoon who hates the performing arts and does everything in his power to stop her running away with the circus.

Arabella and Theo fall in love, but as the circus goes from strength to strength, George sends his “business associates” to kidnap and return Arabella. His plan is foiled, not only due to the helping hand of Fairy Wanda, but from the wonderful cast of circus performers wowing audiences in every town. Along the way there is the usual pantomime blend of fun, adventure, comedy, romance, song and dance.

Written and directed by Jody Thorne.

Auditions take place on Sunday 7th July 2024.

Performances at the Arkenstall Centre, Haddenham, 9-11 January 2025.